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DRx CBD Oil of NC Use Guide

The recommended serving (tincture):

Take our tinctures by placing the recommended daily dose. Download our CBD Oil Serving Size Chart (the PDF below) for easy reference. You can start with a lower amount and increase the serving until you find the amount of product that offers benefit for you. Do not exceed the daily serving amount.






How to take the tincture:

Drop the oil under your tongue and allow it to absorb. It takes about 30 to 60 seconds. Your body will absorb it quickly. If any tincture remains, it is safe to swallow it.


Instructions for applying salve:

Apply our all-natural salve topically when needed. Keep the lid on tightly when not in use.  Contains coconut oil. May be administered to relieve acne, eczema, dry skin, rashes, skin irritations, or psoriasis.


Storing your CBD Oil:

Store your CBD oil products (tincture or salve) at room temperature. Discard after one year.


When to take CBD Oil:

You may choose to take your CBD Oil either day or night, as long as you take it on a consistent basis. The body absorbs the oil best when taken after your meal.


How long before you see results:

Some people report relief from their health conditions (particularly chronic pain) within 20 minutes of taking CBD. However, others indicate that it takes several days to begin to receive the benefits.


CBD and other medications:

Some people have chosen CBD to replace over-the-counter anti-inflammatory or pain medications. However, you should always check with your family doctor before you replace your prescription medications with CBD oil.


DRx CBD Oil ingredients:

The founder of DRx made the intentional choice to carry the purest products available. We have no preservatives, dyes, or added artificial flavors. Our carrier oil is coconut oil.


DRx for pets:

Serve DRx for pets up to twice daily by adding to food or placing it under their tongue. The recommended serving is .05 ml to 1 ml per feeding, depending on your pet’s size.


What real DRx CBD Oil customers are saying about us...


"My husband has been using this since starting chemo treatments. So far he has not had to take any of his presciptions for nausea."  --Cathy

"My parents started taking this...Mom has bursitis and has had several shots in her hip and Dad has shoulder pain and arthritis in his hands for years. Started taking the 1500 mg...and don't have a pain as of today. They both recommend this."  --Courtney 



"Has helped my anxiety and sleep I totally recommend."  --Kayla